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Training and Development

Course NameTypeFee
T & D also Employee Dev: Training Adult LearnersOn Line175.00
T & D and Employee Dev: Introduction to Training and DevelopmentOn Line175.00
T & D: Assessing Training NeedsOn Line175.00
Employee Development: Coaching in the WorkplaceOn Line175.00
Effective Presentation: Preparing Effective PresentationsOn Line175.00
Employee Development: Basics of MentoringOn Line175.00
T & D: Training Program DevelopmentOn Line175.00
T & D: Training Program EvaluationOn Line175.00
Effective Presentations: Delivering Effective PresentationsOn Line175.00
Effective Presentation: Concluding and Evaluating Effective PresentationsOn Line175.00
T & D: Training Program ImplementationOn Line175.00

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